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System Requirements:
- Linux / Unix-like System
- C Compiler
- libxcb-screensaver
- libxcb-dpms
- libxcb-ewmh
License: Beerware


XCB Saver is a screensaver "daemon" that launches screensavers when the computer is idle.
This program is designed to replace XScreenSaver, which essentially the only option available on most Linux systems. XCB ScreenSaver is even capable of reading XScreenSaver's configuration file and running screensaver designed for XScreenSaver.
In addition, XCB Saver allows for screensaver programs to have more control during execution, which allows for screensavers that do more than just display graphics while idle. For instance, a screensaver might accept keyboard input to control what is displayed. This can allow screensavers to display more useful information.


- Utilizes the X11 MIT Screensaver extension for efficient and accurate idle detection.
- Can launch XScreenSaver screensavers in addition to original screensavers.
- Can read XScreenSaver configuration file.
- Can launch any executable in place of a screensaver.
- Small and lightweight, based on XCB instead of Xlib.
- Original screensavers are not killed when activity is detected.
- Uses DPMS to save electricity.


XCB Saver can use two types of screensavers: original screensavers and XScreenSaver "hacks".
XScreenSaver "hacks" are included in the full XScreenSaver package, which you can find here. Also, the unix ports of the "Really Slick Screensavers" work fine and look great.
The only original screensaver available (that I know of) is XCB Clock, written by me.
However, the whole idea is to better facilitate screensavers that you would want to write.


Source (gzipped tarball)