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System Requirements:
- Linux / Unix-like System
- C Compiler
- SDL2 (optional)
- Xosd Library (optional)
- zlib (optional)
License: Beerware


This package contains three small programs implementing KiloSecond based clocks instead of typical hour:minute:second clocks.
There are three programs in the package: ksec-sdl, ksec-xosd, and ksec-cli
Each program displays a KiloSecond based clock in a different way.


This program uses SDL2 to display the time. This program also uses libPSF from to display fonts, however, the library is included in the package, so there is no need to install it separately.


This program uses Xosd to display the time. Xosd is available here. Ksec-xosd displays the time on the screen as an on-screen-display with no window behind it.


This is the simplest program in the package, it displays the time on the command line. This package has no external dependencies.


KiloSecond time is based solely on the second. In KiloSecond time, there are no minutes or hours because it's silly and illogical to use base 60. Instead of minutes and hours, KiloSecond time uses KiloSeconds (Ksec). One "Ksec" is equal to 1000 seconds. This way is much more logical than using base 60, it makes it very easy to convert between Ksec and seconds, whereas converting between hours minutes and seconds is not so easy.
If you have trouble getting adjusted to Ksec time, remember:
86.4 Ksec = 1 day (midnight)
43.2 Ksec = noon (midlight)

For more information about Kilosecond time, read this.


Source (gzipped tarball)