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Every once in a while I like to write some software aside from games. Either because I need to accomplish something that other software won't do easily, or because I want to.
You would be surprised how easy it is to write your own software and make it do useful things. Here, I will release some things that I wrote to you, have fun learning from it, using it, or improving on it.


To release some of the software that I write to the public. I have no ulterior motive, just to hopefully help others out with the stuff I write.


11/10/2015 - Uploaded useful code.
11/24/2013 - Uploaded HTTP_P2P.
07/11/2013 - Uploaded PSF C Library.
05/20/2013 - Uploaded Luck C Library.
03/09/2013 - Uploaded 3 Servers that I made a long time ago. A TFTP Server, An HTTP server, and a DNS server. Take a look.
03/08/2013 - Created this page.