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I am conducting a survey about software features in modern software.
I have chosen Google Chrome for this study for several reasons:
- It is cross platform, used by a variety of users on many platforms
- It is becoming quite popular
- It is modern and powerful
- It is a web browser which represents how we use computers most these days

In order to be thorough, relevent, and unbiased, I used only features which I found in news articles about Google Chrome releases.


Please answer the following questions HONESTLY, your answers will be submitted anonymously.
Each question asks about one of Google Chrome's features, select the answer which is most true for you.
Remember, I am collecting statistics, not judging your computer skills, so be honest.
Feature:I use this often:I have used this before:I knew about this, but never used it:I didn't know about this:
1. Sync bookmarks with Google Account
2. User profiles (add new user)
3. Themes
4. Web applications (from Chrome Web Store)
5. Extensions
6. Open specific pages on startup
7. Reopen previous session on startup
8. Show "Home" button
9. Pin tab
10. Paste and Go/Search
11. Drag and drop downloads
12. Resources page
13. Task Manager
14. Quick calculation results from Address Bar
15. Drag and resize text boxes on web pages
16. Site search from address bar
17. "about:memory"
18. Application shortcuts
19. iPad interface simulation
20. Organize thumbnails using full screen key (Windows 7 only)
21. Ctrl+shift+V to copy as plain text
22. Omnibox
23. Built-in PDF viewer
24. "Chrome Instant" (load results instantly)
25. "Incognito" mode
26. Phishing and malware protection
27. Navigation error suggestions
28. Usage statistics and crash reports
29. Clear browsing data
30. Custom privacy settings per-website
31. Opt-out of ad personalization
32. Autofill forms
33. Save passwords
35. HTML5 \ types (month, week, date)
36. Web Audio
37. Voice recognition support
38. WebRTC support
39. Silent install extension blocking
40. Browser history search
41. Reopen recently closed tabs
42. Create application shortcut
43. Drag tabs between browser windows (Dynamic Tabs)
44. Printing from Google Docs
45. Uploading folders in Google Docs
46. Desktop notifications
47. Drag and drop gmail attachments
48. Generate passwords
49. Tab stacking
50. Touch optimized UI
51. Touch initiated drag and drop
52. Extension activity monitor