March 22, 2015 - New Web Host

March 22, 2015

New Web Host

So you may have noticed that recently, some parts of this website have been in a sort of funky state... There is a reason for this, is currently in the process of moving to a new and better host.
This new host is so good for a few reasons, 1. It is way cheaper, I'm saving a ton of money. 2. It gives me a lot more freedom to do what I want. 3. It is running BetterLinux!

That's right, now runs on BetterLinux.

Although, as a result, some pages of the site are currently down, this includes all BetterLinux related pages... However, don't worry because I am working hard to get this back up, and I am also getting ready to release a brand new version of BetterLinux, and the updated BetterLinux will include even more software by default, including XCB Saver and The Return.

Anyways. That's all for now. Peace!