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introduction: is dedicated to freely providing software to you, which runs better.
Today's computers have gotten very fast. Moore's Law states the the number of transistors that can be built into a microchip will double every two years. Theoretically, this means that (in general) the speed of a computer doubles every two years. This law has held true for a long time now. Computer processors get faster and use less power as technology advances.
So, a computer from two years ago should be twice as slow as a new computer today, correct? That would be true, if computers were only hardware, but computers also need software to perform any kind of useful task. Wirth's Law states that computer software is becoming slower faster than computer hardware is becoming faster.
The modern software developer has gotten lazy. When computer programming was beginning, programmers had to be careful with resource usage, and to make sure their programs ran as efficiently as possible. Many programs were written in assembly or C, and highly optimized. Then computers got faster, and faster, and faster, and now today, programmers write code in C# or Java, which get compiled to byte-code (not machine code) and interpreted by a virtual machine, and use garbage collection, because today's programmers can't even manage memory properly, I can't think of a better way to waste resources. Nowadays, everybody is worried about "going green" and conserving our planet's natural resources, but in the meantime we are wasting all of our computer machine's resources.
How do programmers get away with writing such bad code, you ask? They don't care, and many of them believe that computers are so fast now that no one will notice. Unfortunately, nobody is noticing, but the only reason is because nobody knows what good software looks like anymore. Computers 20 years ago could run with 4 megabytes of memory and less than 20 megabytes of hard drive storage, now we have 3 terabyte hard drives, or solid state drives, and 16 gigabytes of memory, and we still use all of it. We don't do new things, we watch videos, write documents, browse the web, so why do we need all that RAM and hard drive space?

Because application programming has gone to hell.


Our mission is to start a revival of better programming, by providing software which is better, and raising awareness about how terrible modern software programming has become.
Software which is available on this website will NEVER be written in Java, Ruby, Perl, or C#, and will always strive to be as efficient as possible.


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