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I like to write games, most of my hobby software programming is solo game development. Professionally, I usually write software testing applications, but in my free time, I prefer game development, it allows me to practice new ideas, and express my creativity.


To release some of the games that I write to the public. I have no ulterior motive, just to hopefully bring a little happiness to others.


05/17/2014 - The Return - I have uploaded a new game called "The Return", in the spirit of Untitled One. The game debuts some interesting programming techniques.
07/26/2013 - Highwayman - I have posted an updated tarball of the Highwayman source code and data (rev. SVN75). Find it on the source code page.
01/24/2013 - Highwayman - I have posted the current source code for Highwayman. Look on the source code page for the tarball.