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Why would you want to donate to me?
Well, because I could use the money. If I have more money, then it means I have more time to work on developing software, and when I have more time to develop software, I can release more software in a shorter amount of time. I will probably always release open source, since I believe that being selfish and greedy doesn't help the human race, but allowing others to improve on your work does. We should all be focused on helping each other.


Probably the easiest way for you to donate money is through paypal. If you want to donate something besides money, such as a device that you think I might want to develop for, then send me an email, and if I am interested then I can pay for shipping. I now also accept bitcoin. The bitcoin address I use is unique for this website, so if you donate the this bitcoin address, I will know only to use those funds for further opensource development.



Bitcoin address: 172Wm6TXmfnUGp9yXPorJrhRZzj4PSqRor